How To Use Plastic Bags Safely

clear bagPlastic bags are a staple household item. However, as useful as they are, they also pose a few potential risks and hazards. They are fantastic in terms of transporting items or storing things but they have been known to cause terrible injury, and even death, particularly in young children. Luckily, it is easy enough to avoid problems like these through simple but effective education of youngsters. So long as they know how to safely handle plastic bags, there are no real dangers involved in them at all. As such, all you really need to do is ensure your child understands the potential dangers and, particularly, that they do not put the bags on their face.

If your children are of an age where they are able to understand the information you give them, educating them on the dangers of plastic bags is reasonably easy. You simply have to have a conversation in which you explain why these bags can be dangerous and how they should handle them. You should ensure your children understand that if the bag goes over their face, there is a risk of it getting stuck and them no longer able to breathe. It should be pointed out that the risk of suffocation is very real.

Meanwhile, if you have very young children, with whom you cannot have conversations like this, you will need to put other measures in place in order to ensure their protection. If you have an older child and a younger child, than your older child can work with you in teaching the younger one what the dangers of plastic bags are. After all, young children always look up to their older siblings, so they are likely to follow their example anyway. Additionally, giving older children that sense of responsibility is really important for their overall personal development and sense of pride as well.

If, however, you only have young children, the responsibility to protect them lies fully with you. You need to make sure that you dispose of your plastic bags properly. Most grocery stores have recycling banks where you can place them, for instance, which is a great opportunity to keep your home safe. For the duration of time that the plastic bags are in your home, however, you need to make sure that they are inaccessible to young children. Do remember that these bags are very light, so simply placing them on top of a cupboard for instance may not be enough. A slight breeze can easily swipe them off and leave them within reach of your children. Many people have a different type of bag at a certain height and place all their plastic carriers in there until they are ready to take them to a recycling site.


Poly Bags Are A Versatile Solution For A Huge Variety Of Needs

image8These days, getting a product that is useful and reliable is a great feeling, but we do not always think of bags when it comes to this particular aspect of shopping. If you run a home or a business, though, then poly bags can certainly be your best friend. What we want to talk about today is just how handy these bags can be. You may not have yet discovered all of their uses and we will cover some of those right now. You are going to find out that when you use them the right way, poly bags can be one of the most important items to have on hand. Let’s get started finding out more so you can determine whether these bags need to be an essential part of what you want to do.

Poly Bags Are Great for Ordinary Home Uses Like Storage

A lot of people find that when they store things in a closet, attic, basement or garage they have to worry about dust. This is not a problem when you make use of poly bags because they can keep dust off and, if you decide to tie them off, they can easily keep out fungus and pests, too. This is great because it gives you a much lower cost option compared to totes or other large containers. Plus, poly bags are transparent so you can easily tell what you have stored in them. Each of these factors make them great to have around the house. That is the reason why a lot of people who might be aware that they can buy these bags themselves end up keeping them because they come in shipments they have ordered from a company. They can use the bags again and again without fear of them breaking.

You Can Put Poly Bags to Work When Shipping for Home or Business

If you do any shipping then these bags are an excellent solution. They will be able to separate items out so that you do not have to have everything touching each other inside the box. This is good for a lot of reasons, but one of the other things that is nice is that if you use poly bags you can actually have them in a variety of sizes. That way whatever you need to ship is going to have a protective covering that can keep it from getting damaged. It will also help the items from getting mixed together if it is important for them to remain separate until they arrive at the customer’s location. Finally, even if the box gets punctured, small items are not going to fall out of the box via the hole if they are secured inside a bag. Each of these are excellent reasons for choosing this kind of bag.

Smaller Poly Bags Are Perfect for Protecting Tiny Items Like Screws

slidesealjpgSometimes, very small items are just not easy to store. Sure, you could use baby food jars, but this is rarely a good solution because these small jars break easily. If you use transparent bags instead then you get the same benefits in terms of transparency, but you do not have to worry about the container the items are held within breaking on you. That is a very good thing and is going to make your life a lot simpler. Many people find this is a good way for them to store small screws, nails, computer parts, coins and other small things. They know that when they choose this kind of option it is going to be simple for them to get what they want without any hassles and that they can even use these same bags to ship those items.

You Can Save on Poly Bags When You Order Them in Bulk

The key to saving is ordering in bulk because that is when discounts get offered. Generally speaking, any order of 50 or more of these bags will make them cheaper per bag. However, remain aware that they can also be cheaper in smaller amounts if purchased through other providers. Getting the best deal is all about finding the best company to work with.

The Simplest Way to Get All the Poly Bags You Need for Any Kind of Need

You definitely want to try and get the best value for your needs and this is why you want to get the right supplier. Online suppliers provide a better value and generally offer more dedicated customer service, too.